All images sourced from NASA Ames Research Center

I saw some drawings recently, some of which can be seen below, that seemed to merge many of my personal interests (space exploration, homes, Americana) into one stunning idea, one amazing vision of the future.

Leaving aside all the practicalities that space colonists would have to deal with, both physically and emotionally, the images, from a study conducted by NASA Ames in the 1970s, represent an age when everything was possible. This was an age where advances in technology were rapid yet at the same time tangible – it was not about faster processors hidden under the shell of your laptop or phone, it was about human beings taking huge physical steps; into space, to the moon, and back again.

The future, or at least the 1970s version of the future seen in these images, is a wonderful merger of science and suburbia; it’s a space colony only a few steps over from the Jetsons, an almost magical place where one half expects Fred Savage to by cycling down the road, passing BBQs and ice cream vans whilst looking out at the stars.

These images represent homes of the present day transported to the future, not homes of the future, and as a result they are a glorious example of how we as people see the world evolving – both at once looking forward and staying rooted to the spot. This, I fear, is not confined to the 1970s, and is something that we today (whether it be local planning officers, anti-wind farm campaigners or NIMBY complainers) could learn a valuable lesson from.

To find out more about this NASA study click here

  • Daniel Osbourne

    Not sure I’d want to live in space – there’s no atmosphere (boom-tish!) But seriously these are some impressive images. They amlost show more creativity than some modern-day architecture. Plus I love the technicolour 70s kitsch of it all.

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