We had a small house on our land which we have tried over the years to get it rebuilt, but the council have rejected it over and over. They told us to clear the land and remove it, which we did and pulled it down. The New Forest District Council seem to have something against us as our neighbour had a small cottage which was burned down and then they have a big house built there now, double the size, but before that it was derelict for many years. There is also a large house built down the road with a fishing lake that has been made. We have been to the council to speak the them and they seemed positive , then after we received a letter to say never to contact them about this case again! the whole thing is so unfair and we feel we have been treated unfairly, any ideas what our next step would be

  • Mark Brinkley

    I doubt the council is actually victimising you personally but often the application of planning policy can appear to be strange and unfair. Without knowing the ins and outs of the situation, it is impossible to know why your neighbour was entitled to rebuild whilst you aren’t, but the house next to the fishing lake sounds very much as if it was done using an agricultural-tie, which is a well-known planning loophole.

    I think in your situation I would consider hiring a planning consultant to review your case and at least put you in the picture about where you stand.

  • Yannie Bingham

    Agree seek help from a planning consultant, but make sure all future correspondence is neutral (don’t be abusive or suggest they have something against you, – your plot may have some differing restrictions to your neighbours, this is what you will pay the planning guy to find out! Good luck beautiful area to live…even with the strict planning regs!

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