Our loft is finished, painted and in a near suitable state to show off. We still need to buy some essential items of furniture, and paint the hall leading to the loft stairs, but it is ready to live in as we spend weekends and evenings decorating elsewhere.

Before I show you the (nearly) finished article, below is a during image from the weekend before we had the carpet put in. We had a mad-fun dash trying to finish painting the walls and skirting before it was fitted. Shout out to my dad for doing the undercoat on the skirting on Monday while we were at work, because otherwise we wouldn’t have had time for the top coat to dry for the carpet fitter on Wednesday.

Painting the loft bedroom walls

We painted the walls with Earthborn‘s claypaint in Woodsmoke white (thanks to the lovely PRs for Earthborn who helped me out with this one — Woodsmoke white was actually their suggestion as I didn’t want anything too cool). The end wall was in the process of drying, but as you can see from the sloping wall, once dry it gave great coverage and a nice matt finish. This was the base coat which – according to instructions – I mixed with a bit of water as I was painting on to bare plaster. Without sounding like I work for them (I don’t), it really is a nice product to use as it goes on nicely with brush and roller, and is VOC-free so no headachy paint smells. It’s certainly a tad pricier than your average DIY superstore emulsion, but we only had to do one coat, so a little goes a long way.

Anyway once painted and carpeted, we moved our bed in. We also bought a couple of cheap chests of drawers from IKEA to tide us over until we can find/build something to fill that space better and give us plenty of storage.

The rooflight in the loft bedroom
Fortunately we found suitable storage at IKEA to fit under the water tank. And no, I didn’t iron my duvet cover…
View of the loft bedroom from the end of the bed
There isn’t loads of floorspace, but plenty of room for a bed, some storage and circulation space. Someone in the future could use this room as a nice loft office or child’s bedroom
Exposed beam in the loft bedroom
We gave the beams a scrub before decorating, but they are watermarked from historic leaks. I quite like the interest it adds though so we don’t plan on fixing them
View from the converted loft
I have shared this picture before, but this view shows why we were so keen to convert this space (on top of the extra room it would give us)
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