I’m starting to allow myself to get just a little bit excited now. As you’ll see from the photos, loads of progress has been made over the last few weeks and the house is really coming along. The windows are arriving tomorrow, first fix plumbing is done and pressure tested, the log burner flue and chimney is fitted, the roof is two thirds slated, the renderboards are half done, we have a temporary staircase in place, the electrician has been and marked up where everything needs to be first fixed, we’re just about to finalise the bathroom orders, the kitchen survey was done yesterday, and yes, I know there is a mountain of other things that need to be done, but I feel we are making good headway.

The house being built
The house being built

The roof should have been done and dusted by now but we had to slow down a bit due to some structural issues at the back of the house. We are due a visit from a structural engineer on Wednesday and hopefully we can get over the problems relatively painlessly! The financial collapse of the timber frame company continues to also cause us trouble but we have been overwhelmed by offers of support we have had and advice given by others in the trade; as well as our own builders and sub contractors going above and beyond what was expected of them to help us. The main problem we have are things that have just been “left” and the fact that, normally, we would just pick up the phone and say “what do we do with this?” Obviously, we don’t have this option and now just find ourselves scrabbling around trying to find the right answer. A very frustrating situation but we hope the structural engineer will be a big help this week and we also have a few other people lined up to answer some outstanding queries.

Tiling the roof
The first floor frame

All in all though, things are going well. Our house has gone on the market now and we are hoping the nice weather (please, please) and longer evenings will bring some prospective buyers our way. We’re aiming to be in the new house by September (cue much laughter) so need things so start moving swiftly now.

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