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There are many perks to living in a small space – especially when it comes to keeping it clean. For anyone living in a small home, however, storage can often be problematic. Despite your best efforts to have a beautiful, minimalistic home – storing books, clothes and utensils can sometimes eat away at the intended aesthetics of a room. However, if you find yourself resenting the increasingly overbearing presence of storage in your home, bear in mind that it can actually enhance a space. No matter how little room and how many shoes you have, there are many ways to ensure that your interior looks consistently flawless and beautiful.

The first, most obvious thing to do is to have a clearout of things you can live without. With what you have left, there are many ways to store and stack without it interfering with your décor – whilst avoiding having to store shoes in an oven.

If piles of magazines and newspapers are eating up space, there is a simple resolution that doesn’t involve dragging them under your bed. A modern magazine rack that can be fixed onto the wall will leave you with more floor space and a simple, sleek addition to a room.

In fact, any storage that can be hung on a wall will add a modern touch without taking up any floor space. Dotting a few shelves around the walls will provide a home for a lot of clutter without you even noticing. Also, many shelves have a very generous amount of space, and another shelf could make a lot of difference. Bulky shelving can make a room look smaller, so opt for sleek open shelves and cabinets.

Instead of hiding items in boxes, one way to get around storage is to embrace it.  A beautiful, antique coat rack and umbrella stand to greet you at the front door will add personality to your home, as well as providing storage. Clearing a couple of coats and umbrellas from the back of your wardrobe will allow for some useful room. Beautiful wicker baskets and colourful, fabric-covered boxes can also offer a nice touch to a room, as well a great hiding place for clutter.

For something visually pleasing that will double up as storage, creatively displaying items along a windowsill or on top of a piece of furniture can work well, depending on what it is you use – i.e. not socks.

A bench is a great piece of furniture to invest in if your home is small and overpowered by the contents within it.  Taking up little space, the modest bench can provide storage on top and underneath, as well as functioning as a place to sit. Talking of multifunctional – furniture with hidden storage is a godsend for smaller homes. A coffee table needn’t just be that, but can also have a big storage space inside.

Just because your home is small, doesn’t mean that piles of your belongings need to be on display. Using your space effectively means that you get the best of both worlds –the storage capacity of a large home, and the cosiness of a small one.

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