. . . the build is coming together.

Over the last couple of days we have kept the mud at by with 20 tonnes of local stone across the front of the build minimising the constant trail of sticky clay which finds its way into the house.

Solar ETs – 80 of them went up on Monday and on Tuesday their first day of operation – they had raised the temperature of the 800L tank to 24 degrees. The following day the electric extension lead to the system was accidentally turned off and in the (weak) winter sun on the tubes reached 118 degrees!

So all the early indication are that even in mid-winter, solar thermal will make a substantial contribution to space heating. Hopefully in a few days the grid connection will have been brought into the plant room and this heat can be pumped around the floor.

The modest Morso Badger wood stove – one of the few small stoves with a direct air supply – is performing extremely well and providing valuable core heat to the building.

Plastering the difficult multipro board is now underway using German primer and plaster though thanks to the appalling weather in June when the hemcrete was installed, there is still moisture appearing on the floor of a couple of the bedrooms. Definitely not the time to put any carpets down.

The traditional thistle plastered are now being painted using Dulux EcoPure on the ceilings and Earthborn eco clay paints on the walls; both are zero VOC and have excellent environmental credentials though they are more expensive than standard paints.

A couple of the wide oak (veneered) internal doors from Magnet have been fitted and today the stunning insulated oak front door was hung. By the middle of next week the house should be fully weather sealed.

Sorry there are no photos on this posting but there aren’t enough hours in the day.

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