Makita DBO180 cordless 125mm random orbit sander review

How good is the Makita DBO180 cordless 125mm random orbit sander? Veteran product tester and DIY lover Garry Martin gives his verdict

Makita DBO180 cordless 125mm random orbit sander on sanded wood
(Image: © Garry Martin)

Homebuilding Verdict

If you’re looking for a cordless finish sander and will predominantly be using it for sanding horizontal surfaces where it’s not easy to get mains power, this could be the ideal kit for you. Especially if you intend to buy more tools that use the same battery platform. But if you’re mostly sanding vertical surfaces or overhead (looking at you painters and decorators), the overall weight is going to make it tiring to use and I’d recommend that you look elsewhere.


  • +

    Easy to handle with rubbery top contour and grooved sides

  • +

    Short height and low centre of gravity for easier manoeuvrability.

  • +

    Good vibration control meets HSE standards for 8-hours exposure time

  • +

    Very impressive battery life


  • -

    Not well suited for heavy material removal

  • -

    Heavy for use on vertical surfaces and overhead

  • -

    Only one 120-grit sanding disc supplied

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A random orbit sander works by rotating a sanding disc in a random orbital motion that helps create a smoother, more even finish than can be achieved with other types of sanders. It can be used for sanding of large surfaces of wood, plastic, and metal materials, including those that have been previously painted. Sanding discs of different grits from both course (lower numbers) to fine (higher numbers) are available making the random orbit sander useful in many different roles for pretty much every tradesman, handyman or DIYer. 

Here I share my thoughts on the Makita DBO180 cordless 125mm random orbit sander and reveal why its amongst the best orbital sanders on the market.

Garry Martin

Garry is an independent product tester, bringing decades of skill and experience in multiple trades to the art of authentic, real-world reviews. A technology geek, power tool addict, and soon-to-be Passivhaus self builder, he lives with his family in Worcestershire. He also has a passion for sustainability and plotfinding.