Just got off the phone to one of the magazine’s chief writers, David Snell, who occasionally blogs on this site and in addition to being the author of the sterling Building Your Own Home, is also a serial self-builder. By that I mean I have lost count of the number of times he has self-built but I think it’s around 12.

So we’re just chewing the fat and he’s complaining about his broadband connection being so slow because it’s so far away from the exchange (Sir Snell has, it turns out, terrible tales to tell of service providers – imagine the hassle that goes with moving house 27 times in 30 years…) when he declares: “That’s it! A reason to move on and build another house!”

It transpires that ‘To Get a Better Broadband Connection’ isn’t actually David’s most spurious reason to self-build. He tells me he moved from the last house when the dishwasher broke.

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