We are currently buying a property with my mother in law, we are both selling our properties and with the sale of these will able to buy the new property out write. The new property is four joined cottages which we intend to split 50/50 but the title deeds read as one property. I would like to raise a mortgage on my 50% share for improvements and to pay some money to my mother in law, as she will be originally putting in a greater share. My question is, can we split the deeds into two? As currently we are struggling to get a mortgage from a lender on our share as the deed will be be in joint ownership.

Any help will be be appreciated


  • janice stephens

    We are presently having the same difficulty. We are selling our property and putting the cash into a property with our daughter. She is taking a mortgage, but her partner (they get married next year) will not be on the title deeds, or on the mortgage. We have been told that the lender will not allow our names on the title deeds as they want the first charge against the property. Our solicitor says that there are some options open to us, but by the sounds of things it is not very straightforward. I would be interested in any suggestions also.

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