I am in the early stages of planning permission for a detached three bedroom house in my side garden.The architect sent off a pre-planning application which was well received by the local council and they indicated if I made a full application it should be accpeted in principle.

I do however have a concern about access, which the local council noted would need to be checked with the highways and which I am hoping you can help with. The architect has proposed creating new vehicular access, which is very close to a roundabout and the bollards which preceed the roundabout. My question is how close can a driveway be to a bollard which preceeds the roundabout OR does it not matter? The road in question is quiet and is not busy.

Kind regards

  • AB Architectural Design Ltd

    Hi Chris,

    In essence it all depends how busy the road is and the only people who can really comment on your application will be your local highways department. If you send them a copy of your proposed site plan they should come back to you with their comments as to what is possible and if in principle your plans work and then this can be incorporated into your full planning application.

    Hoep that helps!

  • Chris Smith

    Thank you for answering my question so quickly. I did think this would be the case and I will get in contact with the local highways department.

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