All the books tell you to meet several architects before choosing the designer for your project. It’s easy to give the good news to the architect you’ve chosen, but what’s the best way of telling the others you don’t want them? We only met two, and both of them would have made a great job of our steading. Is it like breaking up a relationship – better done in person or over the phone? Or is this just a business transaction, terminated by a brief e-mail? We went for the latter, and I’m not sure it was the best approach.We decided to go with Douglas Forrest from Acanthus Architects ( Our first meeting was cut short by the flood, but Douglas’s costs were competitive, he has beautifully renovated a very similar steading (you can see it here) and he always immediately returned our calls.

Continuing cold temperatures have kept us away from the steading (it’s too cold to camp) but spring is on the way and soon we’ll be heading up to start clearing the land.

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