I think the extent of the progress on site can be mirrored precisely by the height of the weeds that are now growing on it! Not for lack of trying though. I’m afraid it’s all been quite a paperwork exercise the last few weeks but a necessary evil in order to be able to start work on anything on site.

Weeds on the site

The planning conditions have kind of held things up a wee bit as there were so many. The majority of which are basic things like, submit a drawing of where the refuse area will be positioned on the plot. Others included more drainage and service plans.

Luckily I have a very patient architect who has gone through all of the conditions and sent off the documents for me. The conditions that have eaten into time are the land contamination and the land stability desktop reports. Both of which were done by the same company and both of which highlighted no issues. Hurray!

Because the site is sloping when the structural engineer visited last month he advised that we need steel beams in the foundations and we also needed drawings to submit to Building Control and for the builder to work from. That’s all complete now so just the mortgage company and solicitors to get through their paperwork now!

In other areas we have managed to cut some stone from the old barn and have been rather pleased with the quality – see below.

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