One in five Brits have split up with their partner because of their bathroom habits, new research shows.

The findings from Triton Showers reveal that behind any couple is a dormant feud waiting to erupt over the state the bathroom was last left in, with seven in 10 couples experiencing this argument.

Triton’s study of 2,000 people, who were surveyed via OnePoll, also revealed that more than a third thought that their partner hogged the shower for too long, while one in six became outraged when wet towels were left on the floor. 

Women were particularly horrified by the mess or smell left behind by men in the toilet, while men were outraged by their partner not clearing their hair out of the plug hole.

Build a Second Bathroom

If you’re planning a self build project with your partner, you should ask yourself whether you can you handle their bathroom habits.

If you can’t, an additional bathroom could be the answer and should be briefed in to your architect or designer from the outset. And you won’t be alone — one in 10 adults claimed to have had another bathroom installed in their home having been unable to handle their partner’s bathroom habits. 

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Meanwhile, a further one in 10 said that when they last house hunted, they looked for a home with two bathrooms. 

The Sanctuary of the Bathroom

The sanctuary of the bathroom was evidenced by men spending an average of 13 minutes escaping there from their daily stresses, while women spent an average of 11 minutes in a bathroom ‘time out’.

This shared consensus of the bathroom’s importance was also reflected by one in four agreeing that the way their partners treats the bathroom is the single worst thing about them. 

A spokeswoman for Triton Showers said: “From the research it’s clear to see how passionate Brits are about this room of the house, and how important it is to be clean.

“The importance of a good [bathroom] cannot be underestimated, whether it’s starting the day right, or relaxing once you get home from work after the end of a long, hard day.”

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