Wayne Manor is the most popular fictional house that people would want to live in if they had the chance, according to a new report.

Bruce Wayne’s opulent abode from the Batman franchise was voted for by 65% of respondents to a survey from Faraway Furniture, which asked 2,886 people to identify the fictional house they’d describe as a dream home.

In second place with 61% of the vote was The Burrow, home of Ron Weasley and his family in the Harry Potter series. 

The Lord of the Rings’ Bag End completed the top three, gaining 60% of the votes, followed in fourth and fifth place respectively with Balloon House in Up (58%) and SpongeBob Squarepants’ house on 124 Conch Street (54%).

Despite the fact that The Simpsons’ house is animated, 38% chose this as their dream fictional home. And 21% favoured living in the House in the Middle of Nowhere from Courage the Cowardly Dog

Build Your Dream Home

Self build offers the opportunity to create a bespoke home that is tailored to their exact specifications and lifestyle which, in many cases, encapsulates the dream home idyll. 

And probably safe to say that your self build project would be more environmentally-friendly and less costly to run than Wayne Manor.

Self builders typically enjoy a 25% profit on their investment, and can usually save up to 30% on the market value.

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