Homeowners in the UK are at risk of oversharing photos of their properties and possessions on social media, according to new research. 

The findings come as a warning to homeowners, including self builders and renovators, who overshare property photos which may put their homes at risk of burglary. 

The research was conducted by British window and door brand Origin, in partnership with Secured by Design, the national police crime prevention initiative.

Origin surveyed a sample of 500 public Instagram profiles of homeowners in the UK, and discovered that nearly 50% of respondents posted at least one photograph of their home. 

Brits under 30 were more likely to share photos of their homes online which – a total of 70% of shared photos, which was more than double the number of older homeowners, which can partially be explained by younger people being more likely to use social media. 

Beating the Burglars

It can be very exciting when self building, renovating or performing minor updates to your home, but homeowners have been warned against unwittingly giving burglars information which could assist break-ins, as well as giving information as to where valuables may be kept. 

Photos of expensive technologies such as televisions and laptops had been shared by respondents, while master bedrooms were openly shared too, despite being the room that intruders are most likely to ransack for valuables. 

The kitchen and garden were also shared amongst the photos uploaded, which could assist burglars in assessing access to properties. 

Ben Brocklesby, Director at Origin, said: “Strong and secure doors and windows is just one step to beating the burglar – residents also need to be conscious of what they are sharing online. Something as simple as sharing a photo on a public profile can give burglars a shop window view into your home.”

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