Video shows garden designer turning strimmer upside down to cut lawn edges

A neatly cut lawn edge in a garden with a well weeded flower bed
The strimmer hack was used to swiftly cut lawn edges (Image credit: Getty)

A green-thumbed influencer on TikTok has stunned gardeners with a video that shows their unconventional — and rather effective — strimming technique.

The user, called Justgardens, has amassed 464 comments on his video, which shows him crisply strimming grass along the flower bed in one swoop. The results show an incredible level of neatness to the edge of the lawn creating a wonderfully defined flower bed border.

Many gardeners struggle to achieve this level of tidiness, even if they are using one of the best strimmers available on the market.

Gardener says 'hack' is simple way to cut lawn edges

justgardens, who regularly posts gardening videos, explains the technique in the caption of their video. He states: "TIP - easy lawn edging. Turn your strimmer upside down."

The clip, which can be watched below, shows how turning the strimmer the wrong way up lets gardeners cut the lawn edge sharply and cleanly. "Quick easy way to edge your lawn off," he adds.

One commenter said they had tried out the hack already with impressive results: “I do it that way and my borders come out perfect, so neat and clean.”

Another added: “Please watch out for hedgehogs under the bushes, they don’t run away, they roll up. Thank you.”

Justgardens responded: “Very rarely see them tbh. They're lovely.”


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Is turning your strimmer upside down like this safe?

According to our handy guide on how to use a strimmer, it is safe to angle the strimmer vertically as long as you wear protective gear.

Strong boots are a good idea, especially as this is the nearest part of you to the strimmer, while wearing long trousers will stop debris flicking onto your legs. Finally, wear eye protection in case you hit a stone and a fragment flies off towards your face.

How our expert suggests using a strimmer for lawn edges

The common use for a strimmer is to get up close and personal with long grass and weeds that your lawnmower cannot reach.

Homebuilding and Renovating's tool expert Steve Jenkins explains: "You can go with a straightforward lawn edge or try an interesting lawn edging idea. Whatever you choose to do you will first need go along the edge with your strimmer horizontal to remove stray grass. Don’t get too close as it might start digging into the lawn.

"Angle the strimmer vertically so it’s around 90 degrees to the edge and follow the edge slowly to get rid of any long grass and create a crisp clean edge. Go back again to perfect any wonky edges. "

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