Timewarp 70s bungalow with black toilet and serving hatch goes on sale for £925k

The exterior of the 1970s bungalow with tree to the front and large driveway
The bungalow has three bedrooms and a swimming pool (Image credit: Mantlestates)

A bungalow in a desirable part of north London is being sold for £925,000 – but the buyer will be faced with tackling the shabby 70s-style interior.

Renovating a house is a significant undertaking no matter the property, but unless you are a retro aficionado who loves the decade of flares, funk, and the avocado bathroom suite, this one will be more challenging than most.

That said, the three-bedroom property, in Park Road, New Barnet, has a large driveway, an outdoor swimming pool, is a short distance from Cockfosters tube station and Oakley Park Train Station, and would make an interesting renovation project.

Huge 1970s kitchen with serving hatch

The kitchen features a serving hatch

The Parana pine ceiling is in reasonable condition (Image credit: Mantlestates)

The wood-panelled kitchen is spacious but there's a fair bit of work to do, even if the decor is refurbished to re-inject some Seventies flare back into the interior. The Parana pine ceiling, which is now a rare type of wood, appears in reasonable condition although the vinyl floor may need replacing due to high foot traffic over the years. Meanwhile, the green and white wall tiles may be worth saving, particularly for an admirer of kitsch décor. 

A feature that may appeal is a serving hatch, which have recently started to come back into favour as people can talk through them but also easily close them off to conceal the smell of the kitchen. Renovators have been known to turn them into focal points in 1970s house renovations with innovative designs to bring them into the 21st century.

A black loo and classic avocado bathroom suite

The family bathroom is a real step back in time. The suite, complete with step-in bath, is avocado-coloured with colour-matched patterned green wall tiles. There's also a stained glass window featuring a scene of oceans and windmills.

The configuration is a little compact with the toilet being the first thing you see when you walk through the door so the new owner may want to rethink the positioning of their new (or 70s refurbished) suite.

Perhaps what has not stood the test of time, is the jet-black toilet pan and matching sink in the separate loo. However, a partition wall could be knocked through into the adjoining bathroom to make one large family wash space.

Green colour scheme with wood veneer

A shabby dark-green patterned carpet and lime green walls dominate a living room and dining space that once must have been a desirable relaxation space. It leads into a spacious conservatory. 

However, there are signs of some potential issues with the property other than dated decor. Above the stone fireplace in the living room there is a large crack in the wall as well as what appears to either be a hole in the ceiling or wallpaper coming away from it. There are also a couple of stains to the wall, which could be damp or just heavy dirt stains - especially since the pattern appears to have the outline of  a lamp!

The bungalow also features a loft space with potential to be an extra bedroom, home office, play room, or gym.

Stained glass windows and a swimming pool!

While the interior is dated, the property has timeless stained glass windows throughout. They include art deco geometric designs in the hallway, sunsets in the living room, and windmill scenes in the bathroom.

The large garden features a sadly neglected swimming pool, which could potentially be either filled in or cleaned out to turn into a usable pool again.

Estate agents Mantlestates say the property requires a complete refurbishment, but also has the potential to extend or re-develop the plot, subject to planning permission.

Director Tony Alia said: “It feels like it might have been a nice family home. We’ve had offers but people are being cautious. It will go, I’m confident it will sell.”

The home in New Barnet, North London, is currently still for sale for an asking price of £925,000.

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