The most commonly botched home DIY job has been revealed

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Even expert DIYers can find that taking on challenging home improvement projects can cause more damage in the long-run, and increase costs too. That’s why it’s important to know which jobs to leave to the pros. 

Many self builders, renovators and home improvers often try to do work on a DIY basis, especially those with engineering or building experience. In fact, 68% of people in the UK have admitted to attempting to fix something at home before calling in a professional, according to new research from Toolstation.

Toolstation spoke to 500 people about their DIY experiences and asked a panel of trades experts for their advice on what to leave to the professionals. Unsurprisingly, the leading motivation to try a job yourself before calling a professional was to cut costs, with 70% of respondents saying this. 

The most commonly botched job tradespeople get called out to repair is when homeowners try to repair leaks. 

“Leaks often come with a moment of panic and so it’s no wonder that many jump right in to fix the problem themselves,” Toolstation says.

“Fixing a leaky radiator costs an average of £180 across the country, so it may be tempting to attempt this yourself. While 70% of the general public choose to do the job themselves to save a bit of cash, it can actually be a lot pricier when a tradesperson is finally called to correct any mistakes.”

The consequences of botched DIY jobs

Plumbing in appliances, bathrooms and kitchens, changing taps and painting/decorating were the next most-common botched jobs that tradespeople are called out to fix.

A botched job can, in some instances, add another £100-£500 to the price due to extra required work, according to more than a third of tradespeople. 

The consequences of botched jobs aren't just related cost. More than 5,600 people attended hospital after attempting DIY jobs with an electric hand tool during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Trying to fix a problem yourself before hiring a professional is most prevalent among older age groups, with more than three-quarters aged 55-64 admitting to this, compared to 69% of 25-34 year olds. 

Toolstation added: "We all love to save time and money by fixing a job ourselves with a bit of DIY, it is just important that we understand some tasks may be too big to take on ourselves, which is why professional tradespeople exist."

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