Andrew Lloyd Webber has brought self building to the main stage having completed a five-bedroom build in his Hampshire estate. 

The composer and musical theatre entrepreneur, who is worth a reported £820m, has built a traditional composition inspired by modernism. 

The Baufritz build was tailored to Lloyd Webber’s brief for a modular home – which refers to a home which is factory-built and delivered to the site to be erected. While this is usually a more expensive route for a self build, it ultimately leads to a faster on-site process and self builders do not need to take on DIY or project manage. 

Baufritz is a German package company which also operates in the UK. It has a healthy home ethos, with their homes built to be smart and hygienic. They are also consistently tested for harmful substances, using certified organic materials, and smart, hygienic, on-demand ventilation.

Baufritz houses are built in their factory, delivered to the UK for on-site erection and offer ‘closed’ timber panels with insulation and windows already fitted to speed up build time on site.

The house is inspired by the Notre Dame du Hout chapel in Ronchamp, Eastern France. The unusual design has a sloping roof and varying sizes and shapes of windows mirror the chapel. 

Madeleine, Lloyd Webber’s wife, told The Times: “We wanted a modern, practical home that was more interesting than a standard house, with a bit of design flair.”

The Likes of Us

Lloyd Webber joining the self build world is a boon for raising awareness of the energy efficiency that comes with building your own home.

This week the building and construction industries have been challenged to slash carbon emissions, and research is striving to demonstrate how energy efficient home builds could eventually translate into the mainstream. 

For those looking at package build houses as a means of building an energy-efficient home, Michael Holmes, chairman of the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), pointed out how self builders still have flexibility with factory-made houses, even though it can be more expensive.

“People may not realise that you can have a lot of control over the design of a factory-built house. Subject to planning permission, you can clad the walls with whatever you like, or go completely bespoke.”

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