Roughly £26,000 of Home Improvements Required to Achieve a Perfect Home, Research Shows

Influential home improvements revealed
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It takes an estimated £26,000 of home improvements to achieve the perfect home after moving in, according to a new study.

Home Improvements

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Glass specialist Pilkington UK made this estimation following a study of 2,000 homeowners that assessed how content they were with their homes, and which improvements made the most difference.

Just 38% said they considered their home to be perfect and were completely happy with their property five years after moving in.

But many reported facing barriers in the bid to make their homes perfect, with 33% saying they didn’t have enough money, and 16% citing planning permission as a stumbling block.

Which Home Improvements Had The Biggest Impact?

When it comes to what makes the perfect home, two thirds (66%) said that it is very important to have lots of natural light. To achieve this, 37% installed new windows, 35% added double glazing, and 12% installed additional windows.

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Other improvements people made to perfect their homes included:

  • Replacing the front door (40%)
  • Retiling the bathroom (39%)
  • Landscaping the garden (34%)
  • Building an extension (20%)

Meanwhile, just over 25% replaced all their interior doors to get the look they wanted, and 14% added a conservatory or orangery. 

Renovations Which Had The Biggest Impact

Renovating the kitchen was deemed to have the most significant impact in helping homeowners achieve their dream home. A total of 42% of homeowners who had recently moved into their home said that a kitchen renovation made their home perfect.

Meanwhile, 32% said a living room renovation had the second-biggest impact on their home, followed by 26% who favoured a new bathroom.

Julia Berkin, from Pilkington UK, commented: “The research proves it’s all of the little changes which make a big difference to a property.

“Why move when you can improve? It’s clearly worth the patience, the outgoings and even the disagreements to live in your dream home as a result.”

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