More than three-quarters of tradespeople have experienced clients refusing to pay, new research shows. 

The findings, taken from a poll of 2,500 Brits by online marketplace Rated People, reveal that this lack of payment accounted for the average tradesperson losing 20% of their earnings each year due to disagreements over home improvement work. 

Nine out of 10 tradespeople said up to half their jobs had ended in disagreement, while 43% said that upon completing jobs they did not receive payment. 

Meanwhile, one in four people in the UK claim they have been “ripped off” by a tradesperson, with disputes reportedly costing homeowners up to £3,200 a year.

When asked why dissatisfied homeowners felt unsatisfied, over half said they felt the tradesperson had performed poor quality work; one in four cited extra costs added throughout the project; and a quarter claimed that the work had not been finished. 

Money Matters

When taking on a self build or renovating a home, it’s easy for money to complicate matters. Keeping a clear communication line with your tradespeople is important, which helps when going through the process of paying your builder

Additionally, getting a clear indication of any additional expenditure that may be expected during the project, as well as any ‘extras’, can help prevent any surprising costs emerging at the end of the job. 

Maintaining a positive relationship with tradespeople is significant, especially considering homebuilders’ apparent reliance on them, The survey reported a massive 88% of respondents in the UK had used a tradesperson at least once, and one in four had had work completed by a tradesperson within the last three months. 

Celia Francis, CEO of Rated People commented, stressed the importance of bolstering trust between tradespeople and customers, saying: “Most tradespeople and homeowners out there are decent, honest and fair.”

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