We all have those neighbours who don’t appreciate the value of being asleep by 20:00, and a new survey has investigated which are the noisiest cities to live in the UK. 

Leeds is reportedly the noisiest UK city, according to Compare My Move, where a total of 27,316 noise complaints were made over the last three years. 

Of course, the findings don’t mean that everyone in Leeds is raving 24/7, but they do provide insight for self builders and renovators who may be relocating when finding a plot, and assessing whether you deem neighbourly quiet to be a significant requirement. 

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Noisy Neighbours

Leeds was followed by Glasgow (20,251) for noise complaints, with Belfast narrowly behind with 20,261. Birmingham (15,643) and Manchester (15,131) made up the top five. 

Compare My Move obtained the data having submitted requests to the local councils of some of the UK’s most popular cities and towns which dealt with the most reported noise complaints. 

However, because each council had its own way of registering noise complaints, the results may not always be directly comparable. 

Tranquil Tenants

So which is the quietest UK city to live in? Congratulations go to Reading! Only 1,549 noise complaints were made in the Berkshire city over the last three years. Wolverhampton was second, followed by Northampton, Stoke-on-Trent and Luton. 

Meanwhile, Tower Hamlets is the quietest London borough to live in, with just 2,037 noise complaints issued between 2016-19. In contrast, 50,569 noise complaints were made in Westminster, more than any other London borough. 

If you’re planning for or in the midst of a self build, you will need to factor in soundproofing and noise control provisions regardless of where you live to ensure you can remain comfortable in your home for years to come. 

Rank Town/City Total Noise Complaints 2016-2019
1 Reading 1,549
2 Wolverhampton 1,694
3 Northampton 2,289
4 Stoke-on-Trent 3,076
5 Luton 4,292
6 Plymouth 4,799
7 Kingston upon Hull 5,543
8 Bristol 5,999
9 Newcastle upon Tyne 6,505
10 Portsmouth 6,566

The UK’s quietest cities, via Mazuma Mobile

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