Removing Spiders and Nudity Requests — The Most Bizarre Tradespeople Callouts

The Most Bizarre Tradespeople Callouts
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Removing spiders and being asked to work nude are among the weirdest callouts tradespeople have experienced, according to a new Toolstation survey. 

It’s not always easy to find a builder or tradesperson that’s right for your job, and striking up a rapport with your tradesperson can be vital, particularly if they’re working on a long-term project such as a self build or renovation. 

But it also seems that for tradespeople it’s not always easy to find a client who simply just wants them to do a job they need fixing, without any odd caveats. 

Toolstation teamed up with and spoke to over 100 plumbers and electricians in the UK about the weird and bizarre callouts that they’ve experienced in recent times. 

Odd Jobs

One of the more interesting callouts experienced by a multitude of tradespeople across the country was to remove spiders from their homes.

Elsewhere, one plumber was called out to a toilet in East London which had become blocked because of a piece of broccoli. And an electrician was called out repeatedly to the same address for a ‘faulty plug’, which was actually just not switched on.

One tradesperson was asked by a nudist couple to be naked when carrying out work, but he refused, due to health and safety reasons. And another electrician was greeted by a woman in just her underwear and had to leave when she said it was her fantasy and nothing was actually broken.

If you’re looking for advice on ensuring a good relationship with your tradespeople - aside from avoiding doing all the things above - these are 5 things you should never say to your builder.

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