The kitchen is the most popular choice of renovation among people in the UK, a new survey has revealed. 

The MoneySuperMarket survey uncovered that a fifth of respondents (22%) cited a kitchen would be their preferred renovation of choice. A garden makeover was the second-most desired renovation (20%), while 16% said they would prioritise a bathroom renovation. 

The study, which investigated Brits’ attitudes to DIY, also revealed that a kitchen renovation could potentially add an average of 5.5% to the value of a home. 

The data is significant for renovators, which demonstrated that certain room renovations led to an average 10.8% average property value increase.

Most popular renovation among British homeowners Percentage of British homeowners who want this Average cost Average property value increase
New kitchen 22% £2,048 5.5%
Garden makeover 20% £9,000 1.4%
New bathroom 16% £4,500 2.6%
Extension 10% £22,500 8.8%
Loft conversion 7% £37,500 10.8%
Conservatory 5% £9,500 6%
New home office 1% £1,715 10.8%

Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, said: “With a fifth of us saying a new kitchen would be our most-desired renovation, and a range of different DIY projects potentially adding value to our homes, it’s clear that home renovation offers a real opportunity to live better and invest in your financial future – whether you build it yourself or hire a professional.”

Ready for Renovation

Over two-thirds of Brits take on home improvements and renovations on a DIY basis in order to save money, the survey revealed, and the financial benefits can be significant. 

An average 10.8% average property value increase was observed amongst respondents who renovated a loft conversion (average spend £37,500) and those who renovated a new home office (average spend £1,715).

The average property value for an extension, meanwhile, was 8.8% (average spend £22,500), with a conservatory renovation providing the fourth-highest average property value increase of 6% (average spend £9,500).

While DIY is not for everyone, knowing how different DIY renovations and extensions can add to a property’s overall value can be significant, as well as knowing how much money you can save with DIY.

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