An analysis of 1.2 million terms has revealed the most Googled DIY query is ‘how to fix a leaky tap’, which receives 422,000 searches each year.

Double glazing window experts Safestyle UK looked at Google search data in a bid to answer the UK’s most searched for household questions.

The stats uncovered that leaky taps caused homeowners the most problems, with ‘how to fix a leaky tap’ searched for 100,000 more times annually than the second-most searched for question – ‘how to bleed a radiator’ (searched for 316,420 times each year).

Taking third place was ‘how to treat damp’, which received 143,400 annual searches. Searches for mould came in at number 11 on the list. 

A Nation of DIY-ers

With 1.2 million annual searches for home improvement tasks, Safestyle claim that “the spirit of DIY clearly lives on” in the UK.

Interestingly, the findings contrast with a recent MoneySuperMarket survey which revealed that more than half of people in the UK avoid doing DIY.

However, while many admitted to shying away from doing their DIY, 69% of respondents said they took on their own DIY to save money.

The same survey also revealed that self builders and renovators who choose to do their own home improvements and renovations can cut costs on a building project, and end up adding overall value to the property.

The Top 10 most Googled DIY questions are:

1. How to fix a leaky tap – 422,000 annual searches

2. How to bleed a radiator – 316,420 annual searches

3. How to treat damp – 143,400 annual searches

4. How to read an electric meter – 84,220 annual searches

5. How to read a gas meter – 62,400 annual searches

6. How to fit laminate flooring – 59,500 annual searches

7. How to hang a door – 59,360 annual searches

8. How to hang a picture frame – 33,550 annual searches

9. How to change a lightbulb – 32,130 annual searches

10. How to put up a curtain pole – 32,110 annual searches

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