There’s one thing you can say with confidence: those who tend to self build appreciate space. That’s according to results in a report commissioned and produced by Homebuilding & Renovating.

Homebuilding & Renovating surveyed 500 self builders to help better understand the self and custom build market. The data revealed that while the average home in the UK is around 94m², with new homes built in England and Wales over the last two years shrinking to 91m², the average size of a self build home is 247m².

Across each region of the UK, these self build homes are on average more than twice the size of other newly built homes and in some regions closer to three times.

There were naturally some very large and some very small homes within the surveyed projects that that might distort the picture, but if those extremes are filtered out the average comes in at 233m². Still large in comparison with existing and other newly built homes.

When we break this down by region, it paints an interesting picture. Unsurprisingly, self build homes in London are around 35% smaller than the average self build home. Self builds in Yorkshire and Humber were 17% smaller than the UK average, while those in Northern Ireland were 21% larger. It seem those in the North East don’t shirk on size – the average self build in that region is 373m² – a whopping 51% larger than the average self build in the UK.

The average size in other regions captured in the survey fell within 10% of the UK average for self builds.

Region Size (m²)
North East 373
Northern Ireland 300
East of England 254
UK Average 247
South East 245
North West 237
West Midlands 235
South West 234
Scotland 224
Wales 223
East Midlands 222
Yorkshire & Humber 205
London 161

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