Heat Pump Sales in the UK Set to Double in 2021

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Almost double the amount of orders for heat pumps have been placed with suppliers in 2021 to meet growing demand.

The Heat Pump Association (HPA), which represents around 95% of the heat pump manufacturing market share, has revealed that 67,000 heat pumps have been ordered by manufacturers for this year - nearly double the number of heat pumps currently on shelves. 

The announcement is very promising for homeowners and industry alike. In November, prime minister Boris Johnson pledged in his Ten Point Plan that 600,000 heat pumps will be installed into homes per year by 2028. But with only 35,000 heat pumps sold in 2019, experts had raised concerns about the infrastructure challenges posed. 

The HPA says that this new estimation, gleaned from a survey of HPA members, indicates growing confidence in delivering the scale up of heat pumps. 

“This is just the beginning of a long journey ahead but we’re off to an incredibly promising start,” said Phil Hurley, chair of the HPA. 

“The near doubling of the heat pump market this year would be a substantial achievement at a time when the decarbonisation of homes and buildings is not just desired but essential; our members are committed to turning today’s forecast into a reality and have clearly backed this up with their advanced ordering.”

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Heat Pumps: Leading the Net Zero Push

Heat pumps are considered by many to be a prominent component of the future of low-carbon heating, which will help to deliver on the government’s 2050 net zero target.

Heating accounts for 47% of all energy consumption in the UK, 55% of which is used by domestic homes, and currently over 80% of domestic heating is provided by gas boilers. The combustion of fossil fuel is a significant contributor to climate change and air pollution.

installation of a ground source heat pump

Ground source heat pumps are an energy efficient, eco friendly way of heating your home.  (Image credit: Kensa Heat Pumps)

Switching domestic properties to non-combustion heating systems would significantly reduce these harmful emissions, and ground source heat pumps in particular, are a renewable heating solution which can deliver domestic heating and hot water at a lower running cost than a traditional gas boiler, and also emitting zero local emissions.

The government recently proposed heat pumps to be a leading technology for new homes as part of the Future Homes Standard, and heat pumps will be classed as an energy-efficient replacement which those building an extension or renovating a house will need to consider from 2025 to meet new standards for making homes warmer.

Such is the industry’s intention to scale up the distribution of heat pumps, December’s Sixth Carbon Budget from the Climate Change Committee (CCC), recommended that over one million heat pumps should be installed per year by 2030 to increase the energy efficiency of our homes.

The HPA is preparing a new training route to upskill heat pump installers, with courses expected to begin later this year.

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