Cottage given 'Barbie makeover' with candyfloss kitchen and pink interiors

Family stood in front of newly 'barbie' renovated house
Cottage given 'Barbie makeover' by family, with new pink interiors (Image credit: SWNS)

An Instagrammer has amassed 364,000 followers after painting nearly every room in her Cambridgeshire cottage different shades of pink and styling her home with decor in riotous and vibrant colours — including a shell toilet seat and fish scale detail in the bathroom.

Former midwife Sophia Ferrari-Wills, 35, bought the 1960s home with husband Chris, 42, a sales manager, in October 2019.

And the content creator claims she saved between £5,000-£10,000 renovating her house and doing all the decorating for her ‘pastel whimsical home’ herself.

1960s cottage transformed into fairy tale home

Her pastel pink home is kitted out with a mermaid bathroom, forest playroom, ice cream home office and even a treehouse for her daughters, Clemmie, four, and Minnie, 20 months.

She said: “I'm a magpie for pastel and candy-style things. I am a girlie girl and pink always ties in with other colours as a neutral.

“I use it in every single room and layer with other shades. I've always been creative, but lockdown gave me the chance to completely overhaul.”

In March 2020, she started uploading photos of her pastel home to Instagram and was able to leave her full-time job as a midwife in April 2021 to pursue interior influencing.

She said: “I had a complete career change and still do the odd bank shift but at the moment I'm focusing on decorating and content creating.”

A pastel paradise inspired by candyfloss

The kitchen is fitted with lilac cupboards, bright pink appliances and utensils, offset by a dark granite work surface and a terracotta floor.

The living room is plastered with pink love-themed artwork and contains a pink and a yellow sofa and a multicoloured rug.

“The wallpaper is strawberry themed, and the walls are painted calamine pink,” Sophia added. “There is a gallery wall with neon lights, and I always try and have natural flowers where I can.

“We painted the log burner pink and added a yellow scallop detail around the fireplace.”

Sophia's office has seashell wallpaper and an ice cream swirl painted onto the ceiling with sprinkles, as well as a neon sign saying ‘Bring Me Ice Cream’.

Sophia added: “People who visit are always very complimentary and amazed. Even some of Chris' friends can't believe he's on board with the lilac kitchen but also that they like it too.

“Someone has said to me my home is a mature pink Barbie cottage.”

A mermaid loo with shell toilet seat and fish scale splashback

The toilet of the pastel paradise is fitted with a light pink sink, salmon toilet and sea shell wallpaper.

“I painted the toilet pink, and we have a hammered shell looking light shade and scalloped gold tiles," Sophia said.

Sophia and Chris aim to continue improving their home by building an extension and renovating the upstairs bathroom.

Her tips for anyone who wants to follow in her footstep are get inspiration using mood boards — and don’t be afraid to dive in.


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