Homeowners in England have an 86% chance of securing planning permission for their project, new data has shown. 

The analysis of government data between October 2018 and September 2019 is a positive outcome for aspiring self builders, renovators and extenders planning projects in 2020. 

The research by A Wood Idea examined applications received, decided, granted and delegated by local planning authorities across the UK. Due to the volume of data, 149 records were analysed which comprised a mix of London boroughs, metropolitan districts and unitary authorities. 

The North East had the highest average approval rate (93%), while West London had the lowest average planning approval rate (76%). 

The 86% average shows that almost nine out of 10 planning applications are accepted across the UK, although significant variations exist depending on where you live. 

The North East had the most consistent planning approval rates, with just 6% variation between the region’s highest and lowest approval rates. Meanwhile, Londoners experienced a variation of 34%; and the 64% approval rate in Harrow is the lowest in England.

What Could Deny You Planning Permission?

While it isn’t illegal to build without planning permission, it is not lawful. And if you cannot obtain retrospective permission you may be required to alter or demolish your build once it is completed. 

Last week it was revealed that 40 retrospective planning applications are made each day, and while nine out of ten applications are approved, it’s not ideal to begin building before planning permission is granted, if you project requires it. Some smaller home improvement projects can be done without planning permission, under implied consent known as Permitted Development.

Several things can prevent an application being accepted, from how your build looks to objections of neighbours or local people, but you can submit an infinite number of planning applications on any one site. 

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Commenting on the findings, Iain Smith from A Wood Idea said: “Many homeowners are putting their plans to move home on hold and are instead investing in their existing property. Planning permission is critical to the success of many home development projects, and it’s important that owners understand the chances of their application being approved.”

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