Simon Cowell sells his multimillion-pound mega mansion in Holland Park

Simon Cowell's mansion in west London's Holland Park
Simon Cowell's mansion in west London's Holland Park has been secretly sold after he suffered repeated home invasions (Image credit: Google)

Pop mogul Simon Cowell has sold his mansion in an exclusive area of West London after suffering a series of security scares, according to media reports.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 63, quietly sold up because of repeated home invasions over the past 16 years, MailOnline reports.

He and his American partner Lauren Silverman, 46, along with their nine-year-old son Eric, are now reportedly living in the UK countryside.

Cowell has a number of properties in various house styles throughout the world and his portfolio is worth an estimated £45m.

Home was near Beckhams and Robbie Williams

The six-bedroom property is located in Holland Park, which dozens of global A-listers call home.

They include celebrities like singer Ed Sheeran, Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page, and former Take That member Robbie Williams.

Also nearby is a mansion worth £31million inhabited by ex-footballer David Beckham, his wife and former Spice Girl, Victoria, and their family.

Six bedroom mansion built in 1850s

The house appears to have been built in a Georgian style and is one of the most valuable homes in the Kensington area.

The road consists mainly of large brick detached villas, which were built over several years from 1857. Builder James Hall built about 120 houses in the estate in the 1850s.

The street still has its Victorian street lamps – albeit converted from gas to electricity.

Simon Cowell felt unsafe due to repeat intrusions

Cowell reportedly felt he and his family were unsafe in the home because it has was targeted by intruders repeatedly, despite spending £500,000 on security measures.

In 2015 a burglar broke in and stole jewellery and passports while Cowell and his family slept. Cowell said the thief had taken watches worth £200,000, a £500,000 diamond ring, and diamond earrings worth £200,000.

He said the break-in had left him in "constant fear" that it could happen again and expressed his concern that it "may be worse next time".

Previous to that in 2012 Cowell had to call security after a woman got into the bathroom of his house.

The final straw seemed to come earlier this year when police arrested a security expert suspected of being involved in targeting the houses of his clients, which included Simon Cowell. He was believed to have bought a lock decoder from Bulgaria to crack the locks fitted on the front doors. 

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