More than one third of people move into a new home to better express themselves and demonstrate their true identities, research shows.

The findings, taken from a study analysing behavioural psychology to the attitudes of people when moving homes, shed further light on the reasons behind these moves. 

While the most common reasons for moving home, or choosing to self build or renovate a home, are generally considered to be for work or to accommodate a growing family, 37% admitted to moving to better showcase who they are. 

Of 2,000 people questioned (both homeowners and renters), 10% said they moved to an area that they felt better suited them, 11% moved to improve perception of who they are, and 16% moved to show off their success.

Express Yourself Through Self Build

People who self build or renovate homes afford themselves the perfect opportunity to create an individual home tailored around their family, lifestyle or design tastes.

If you’re someone looking to express themselves through their house, taking on a building project could provide the ultimate means of showcasing your true self.

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The research from communications agency Cogent in partnership with Ragdoll Research also identified the behavioural psychology behind spending decisions in the home. 

Among the respondents who said they moved home to better express who they are, almost half stated they were more likely to spend money on furniture compared with any other home items. 

Meanwhile, 54% prioritised expressing their self by updating the bedroom interior before any other room, which applied especially to people living in Wales. Those living in the West Midlands were slightly more likely to focus on updating the living room upon moving in. 

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Professor Richard Crisp, head of the department of psychology at Durham University, worked with Cogent on the study. He said: “The findings from this study demonstrate how the home and its interiors play a vital part in peoples’ social identity expression. 

“We all have social identities – affiliations that tell us who we are, like our gender, age, politics and sporting preferences. These identities are a strong motivator of purchasing behaviour, and as such home movers are likely to buy new belongings to express their identities via their surroundings and environment.”

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