At long last the Government has announced formally the introduction of changes to the Building Regulations. The big news is that homeowners who ‘elect’ to modify their home through extension/conversion and even replacing windows and boilers will have to meet the new Part L standards (which specify a 25% improvement on energy efficiency requirements on the current standards.

There are also quite significant changes to Part G, which deals with water. It claims to be only ‘minor’ but introduces requirements for water saving measures.The actual revision is due to be published later today at

The water changes, delayed from Oct 09, are introduced April 6. Most other changes, including some amends to Part F (Ventilation) will be introduced in Oct 2010.

As ever with changes to the Building Regulations, self-builders and renovators are advised not to get too obsessed with the detail. It’s really a matter of interpreting these changes fully with your designer and, most importantly, Building Control inspector, who will be able to decipher them in ways individual to your project much better than anyone else.

  • the building inspector

    Great piece Jason.

    Don’t forget the Part G transitional provisions mean that even if you have approval you must start work by April 2011 or you will need to comply.

    Also can I draw readers attention to the option of using an Approved Inspector instead of Council Building control. With public sector strike action predicted later this year it may well be a safer option.

    For more details email me. or check out the planning portal.

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