Excuse the title. Sorry.

Anyway, the work on the loft conversion and first floor is nearly complete. I intended to blog throughout the process, but with it only having started just under three weeks ago, I thought a round-up of events would be better.

Here is what happened to get us from old spooky attic, to a useable loft conversion space which is almost ready to decorate.

Loft Conversion Week 1: Floors and Windows

Scaffold around a Victorian terraced home
loft hatch showing attic in Victorian home

One of the first jobs was building the floor structure. Chicken wire is used to hold the insulation in place should the ceiling below collapse in a fire

Slimline loft insulation

Slimline foil insulation and the rooflights were installed

cherry tree in Lindsey's garden in full bloom against cloudy sky

I took a photo of our gorgeous cherry tree in full bloom at the end of the week. It also shows the weather looking ominous, but luckily the rooflights were in and the roof watertight.

Loft Conversion Week 2: Remodelling the First Floor and Plasterboarding

We spent the weekend tidying everything out of our wardrobes in the bedroom and emptied the bathroom. On Sunday, we moved into my parents’ house so that the builders could create a hole in the bathroom ceiling for the stairs and break through into the bedroom.

wardrobe open in Victorian bedroom

With the fitted wardrobes empty, I took off the doors and had a go at deconstructing it

hole in bathroom ceiling above bath to loft

On Monday, the builders made a hole in the bathroom ceiling ready for the delivery of the stairs

Lindsey standing on enamelled bath to look in loft

I was eager to see what was going on in the loft, so I balanced on the bath

a raised water tank in a Victorian terrace loft

The water tank which was moved from the other side of the loft. (Sorry it’s blurry, but I was teetering on the bath)

pine stars built over a bath

The stairs were installed on Tuesday

Space-saving loft stairs

I was a bit worried the space savers would be hard to climb but they aren’t too steep

dad in bathroom new door through wardrobe

A door was made in the wall behind the wardrobe. Cue the Narnia references and comparisons between my dad and a fawn

two roof lights and plasterboard room

By the end of the week plasterboard was in. They later made a whole in that lower wall to create storage

boarded up water tank in loft conversion

The water tank has been boxed in. The plan is to construct built-in storage below

bath surrounded by plasterboard

The new wall was finished in the bathroom

new stud wall being put in for door

The old bedroom door needed blocking up. Switches were moved too so they would be next to the new door

testing Earthborn colours

I tested my Earthborn Claypaint samples on the weekend. This was them before they dried. The wall I tested on is currently a buttery yellow, so they looked a bit blue against it — they’re actually all white. From left to right they are St John, Hopscotch and Woodsmoke. I won’t reveal which I have chosen. You can find out when I reveal my freshly decorated loft.

stud wall from bottom of stairs in old doorway

A view of the old bedroom doorway from the lower stairs

old doorway and new doorway in loft conversion

For a brief time, we had two bedroom doorways

roof light and plasterboard wall slopes

In the bottom left you can see the storage space in the loft

Large velum rooflight in loft conversion
New view of Kinver Edge from loft rooflight

This is our view from the loft conversion. It looks out over the village to Kinver Edge which is owned by the National Trust.

loft selfie in plasterboarded loft

Loft Conversion Week 3: Plastering and Finishes

With first fix electrics done, and the walls built, the plasterers came in on Tuesday. By the end of Wednesday everything was plastered. The electricians will be in over the weekend to finish their jobs while the plaster dries out and next week the team will be back to finish skirting and detailing.

old doorway blocked up and wardrobes moved

The doorframe was put in as the old door was properly blocked up. The five-door fitted wardrobe has been cut down to three doors

plastering complete in the loft

This weekend we hope to get cracking on some decorating where we can. Look out for my next blog where I talk about a few of the hurdles we faced during the project and what was done to overcome them.

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