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The upstairs has been coming along nicely and french doors and side panels have gone in. I went with aluminium instead of PVC because the aluminium frame was slimmer and the hinges are smaller rather than the big bulky ones I saw on PVC ones. It’s a lot nicer on the eyes and I am pleased with the result.

Roof windows

There has been a change of plan — the walk in wardrobe is now just a small storage space accessible from the bathroom. Unfortunately we just didn’t have enough roof height to use it comfortably.

The good news is the bedroom and the bathroom are of a very good size.

We have started the downstairs extension. The foundations are being dug. We are using pad foundations along the rear and side. Being in London the ground has a lot of clay and we’re having to go down by 1.9 meters.

I have decided to go with private building control for the downstairs and I’m using the the council for the upstairs. The reason being is purely to save time. I want to move in by the end of July. Planning permission was granted on the 4th of May and I wanted to get started almost straight away. If I had gone with the council I would have had to wait potentially 6-8 weeks for them to approve the building control drawings where as private building control was a lot quicker.

Gutted interior

Finally the downstairs walls have been removed. The walls that previously divided the bathroom and kitchen from the lounge have all been removed as well as the airing cupboard and dividing wall for the small porch. The new space created will be half of the lounge (minus the toilet in the pic).

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