A simple and slightly desperate plea for help from homebuilding.co.uk visitors: anyone know of any decent LED lights?

I’m talking the 2 or 3w GU10 fittings that replace regular halogen downlighters. Something came over me last weekend and I decided to – rather than buy the 28w halogen replacement bulbs – invest £20 in three 2W LED bulbs instead. They are the ‘warm white’ ones which, let me tell you, is something of an exaggeration. I mean, they’re certainly white, but ‘warm’ is not necessarily a word I’d associate with them. I ended up putting them in the ground floor WC and they give off a light which makes one look as if one has been woken up after a winter hibernation.

I’m keen to go down the LED route for replacing the ground floor bulbs as required – we have, I would say, around 25 to replace. Anyone got any good tips on 2 or 3W lights that give a nicer, warmer light?

  • Monique Pike

    Legal researcher, renovates houses in Holland and Germany.

    Dear Jason,

    Schöner Wohnen has just postet this overview that gives energy saving and led bulb alternatives for our old ones. Even if your German is not very good it’s very useful: http://www.schoener-wohnen.de/einrichten/moebel/leuchten/208286-ratgeber-lampenkauf.html

    Kind regards,


  • Paul Wang

    I have used this 3 LED lamp from TLC for about a year and reasonably happy:
    Even though it is the ‘warm white’ version, it still lights cooler than the 35W halogen but acceptable. You notice it more when there is a mixture of the two lamps in the same area but you will get over it.
    Prices of these keep dropping, from about 15 a year ago to about 8 quid now and even cheaper from other sellers but not sure that it will be exactly the same product. At less than 4W definitely worth the switch, also with latest building regs require 3 out of 4 lamps to be low energy…

  • A Moore


    I have recently completed a new build project and was required to fit LED lights everywhere, a 3 bedroom house, 120SQM approx £1000 invested, replaced 50w Halogens with 3W and 5 W LED’s. Its a bit of a mine field at the start, however LED lights come in multiple colours and angles. This gives you lots of options and you can really get what you want.

    My experience ended with me getting a job with the supplier as the benefits of energy reduction and maintenance costs are now at the forefront of every organisation in the UK.

    The Government is legislating against poor quality light sources and flouro tubes are reaching the end of their lives as Mercury disposal can create considerable environmental issues.

    Happy to share my experience if that can help anyone

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