Is 7m frontage by 28m depth at bottom of long garden in conservation area big enough for a 2 bed Eco friendly house?

7m width plot onto Unadopted rd frontage and 28 m deep. There is a garage to one side with pitched roof and bungalow on other side also built infilling ends of neighbours gardens. These are built right upto boundary / party wall line. As the late comer would there be any restrictions on the width of my self build if its possible? EG can I build to edge of plot? Many thanks.

  • Mark Brinkley

    7m is very narrow, as you probably realise. Paradoxically, for an eco house, you may find that your plans are stymied by car parking restrictions. You are normally required to be able to enter and leave the site in a forward gear, which requires a width of at least 11m so that you can turn a car around. If you can demonstrate that your house will never have a car – not just you but your successors – then you may have a case.

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