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Infrared heating is rapidly becoming a chosen form of energy efficient electric heating here in the UK. It has been widely used in Europe for many years. Users are inspired by the feel of infrared warmth and how this differs from traditional warm air heating and also the savings potential on energy costs.

Infrared energy is a natural process found in nature; it is emitted by the sun and is readily absorbed by our bodies, penetrating deeply into the skin and promoting blood circulation to carry the warmth around the body and thus aiding metabolism. The feeling of direct warmth from the sun on a very cold spring day is infrared energy it travels through the cold air warming faces and stonework walls etc which then radiate warmth back.

The infrared heating panel technology achieves the same infrared effect with very gentle warmth and is designed to emulate the exact wavelength area for the highest energy efficiency and most natural feeling.

Once people and objects within a room are warmed they too give off warmth to heat the air. Surfaces within the room will become very slightly warmer to give an all round comfortable feeling. Stone and natural building materials are excellent at radiating warmth, just think of an old stone wall heated by the sun in spring and how it keeps radiating warmth once the sun has gone in.

It is a very different principle to conventional hot air heating but the benefits are converting consumers to this highly efficient and effective technology.

  • Energy efficient. A heater will typically cost just a few pence per hour to run.
  • Electric heating panels are very easy to install with simple screw fix mounting.
  • Comfortable all round warmth with no temperature difference between floor and ceiling.
  • Affordable solution for heating one room as a standalone heater or in conjunction with an old central heating system.
  • Full heating control by use of room thermostats and programmers used room by room or by zone allowing for greater flexibility and energy savings
  • Standard white heating panels can be discretely fitted into the ceiling freeing up wall space.
  • Glass heating panels create a stunning wall feature whilst being a functional heating solution. Mirror heating panels are mist free when used in the bathroom.
  • Maintains stable air conditions by not affecting air circulation or humidity and may help reduce condensation or damp.

Please talk to a specialist infrared heating provider to make sure you purchase the right size heating panel for your own situation as every building and solution is different, it is important you fully understand how infrared heating will work in your home and lifestyle to gain the best energy efficiency from your purchase.

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