If there’s one thing men seem to love it’s gadgets, and Ross has realised the endless gadget opportunities once you have some land.  Chief among them are big dangerous gadgets.  We are already the proud owners of a Stihl strimmer (called The Sith) and a chainsaw (yet to be named).   Ross assures me he knows how to use a chainsaw, but I’ve checked his life insurance is up to date just in case.  That would certainly sort out our cashflow problems (or mine, anyway!)

The above photo illustrates the number of saplings that need to come down on the south facing aspect alone.  You can’t even get to this spot now that all the trees have leaves on.  Still, we’ll be making a nice wood pile ready for a wood burner!

Otherwise, not much has happened. Still waiting for those plans from the architect.  In the meantime I’ve developed huge biceps from shifting tonnes of slate and rotten wood.

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