I have a planning application in at the moment that has been recommended for approval subject to a 106. The 106 refers to the installation of a pavement along the front boundary of the site which is to be adopted by the LA when complete. The highways engineer has requested the details of our ‘bondsman’ and has informed us that it would usually be our bank or mortgage company. I’ve asked both the Lloyds and Barclays who we bank with but they have no idea what we are requesting. I’ve asked numerous builders too but they have not come across this before either. I’ve been told by the engineer that the amount that needs to be covered is approx £17,500 for about 48m of pavement which at approx £360/m seems a little steep to me! Anyway, considering the changes to 106 agreements made at the end of November would this still be valid and if so how on earth do I find a ‘bondsman’ who deals with private parties not companies? Any help appreciated as this is driving me mad!

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