I need help with soundproofing — I wish to use a room as a home theatre and recording studio. I live in a three bedroom semi, and the neighbours have a young child, so I have been searching for solutions to provide 100% sound reduction. I would even consider rebuilding the wall. What would you suggest?

Steve Morgan

  • Mark Brinkley

    The short answer is that 100% sound reduction between two semis is impossible. There are a number of measures you can carry out which will improve matters, but they are unlikely to solve your particular problem.

    Have a look at robustdetails.com, where there are lots of examples of constructions used for delivering excellent soundproofing between dwellings. If you were building these semis new, the current Building Regulations would point you towards using one of these robust details which would provide soundproofing to the entire party wall to a level of around 45-50 decibels (dB).

    That means that noises of this level (normal conversation, TV or radio) would be completely inaudible in the adjacent room of the neighbouring house. But for louder noises, this level of soundproofing wouldn

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