Besides an inherently evil nature, one thing that all Bond villains have in common is a hideout from which they can work on their next master plan.

We’ve pulled together a list of six homes from around the world that are all uniquely distinct in their potential to be the perfect lair for any Bond villain.

Black Desert House

black and glass house in the Yucca Valley, Palm Springs

Intended to be built ‘like a shadow,’ this house offers the perfect refuge from both the harsh desert environment of the Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, and the threat of those seeking to stop a master villain in their tracks.

Photo: Oller and Pejic

Mirror House

dark glass mirrored home in Bolzano, Italy

If you’re looking for a real Bond villain experience, look no further than Mirror House, a vacation home whose floating, mirrored finish allows it to fade almost totally into the background, while allowing its occupants panoramic views.

Photo: Peter Pichler

Hadaway House

wooden and angular home in snowy mountains, British Columbia

The open plan style of this wedge-shaped house works as the perfect lookout point for any wannabe Bond villain. The secluded and mountainous location makes the image of a helicopter escape something of a reality.

Photo: Peter Buchanan

Balint House

circular white house with pool and large glass window in Valencia Spain

Designed for a villain that prefers sunnier climes, Balint is unapologetic in its bold design and desire for luxurious living. This is the lair for villains who see no need to hide away.

Photo: Diego Opazo

Mirage House

Cliffside Greek home with roof top pool

If it weren’t for the rooftop pool this home would be undetectable from above, making it the ideal location for any Bond villain.

Photo: Kois Associated Architects 


wooden Washington home in snow

The life of a villain isn’t an easy one, which is why a home such as Studhorse is ideal. Designed to withstand hot summers and treacherous winters, this home, like its owner, is prepared to handle any situation.

Photo: Benjamin Benschneider

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