In February of this year we began the monumental task of getting mains electric down to site — something we thought we may never be able to achieve. The nearest transformer was over 300 meters away which meant a lot of trench work.

Western Power were generally very helpful but their quote for trench work, laying cable and connection was way off the mark. So we arranged for the trench work to be carried out independently, by a local father and son team, which although costly, worked out at a fraction of the cost quoted by WP.

Of course the trench work took longer than first planned, this was due to the nature of the ground and the presence of a mixed array of other ducted and un-ducted services along our route. The guys who pulled the cable did a top job but it was a challenge – even for them – as it ran a really tricky route, much of which was steep and difficult to access.

It was great day when the first kettle was boiled at the Summerhouse, and a memorable cup of tea was had by all.

In March we had the conformation from our council that our planning conditions had been signed off. The e-mail read to the affect of…

“Dear Mr and Mrs Meller I have now completed the Condition discharge for LBC application and am happy with the information supplied, subject to agreeing some final details on site as work progresses. I am happy for the ground works to start on site next Monday 17th March 2104.”

This was great news for us as things were really dragging out and we were eager to get going. With the worst of the weather behind us and electric in place the work began on site.

Access is down a stone track and challenging for large vehicles, but the eight-ton digger and dumper came down on a flat bed lorry without too much of a problem — a relief for me, as it meant the concrete lorries due a few weeks later should be fine as well.

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