Update from 9th of August:

Tiling and brickwork has continued steadily since the last post; tiling is almost complete and brickwork complete to first floor level.

All very encouraging but problems still abound. One set of Fakro roof lights was the wrong colour and we await replacements from Poland; another four for the garage roof require different flashings. One window in the kitchen ended up being filled with hemcrete which had to be removed. Lots of discussion taking place on the best way to build the chimney to optimise the wood stove. Oak cladding has started on the barn and whilst the boarding has been badly affected by the rain it is starting to dry out.

The Merlo is back courtesy Winchcombe Reclamation and this morning the whole team on site focused on getting the largest oak truss in place on the front elevation. Will excelled manoeuvring the huge frame into place and plenty of person power gently eased it into place.

Several more large frames still to move but most will have to wait until the scaffolding is down.

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