The old cottage’s days were numbered.

Things are starting to happen now on site as Peter (the client) gives the go ahead to Les Morgan and his team of groundworkers to start taking down the derelict building and clearing the site. Les takes a no nonsense approach (to everything it seems) and within a few days the old cottage has been transformed into (remarkably tidy) separate piles of metal, wood and stone.

The wood is recycled for the woodburner and exterior landscaping where possible. Anything stone, brick or block is fed into a greedy mobile concrete crusher so that it can be reused as hardcore for the new build.

The existing trees against the roadside are preserved but some others are removed to open up the southerly views down the valley. So, the cleared site is now is now a blank canvas, ready for Les to start to mark out the footings.

Pile of rubble and hardcore for building

Next week: it’s time to set out the footings

About the author:

Rob Dawson built a stunning oak frame home in 2009 for less than £100,000. He is now the owner and founder of Castle Ring Oak Frame.

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