Besides the front of the bungalow and the side wall ( which will form the wall for the new hallway and wall that separates the study from the lounge), nothing else will be kept of the bungalow. Roof, internal walls, ceilings wiring etc will all be replaced and repositioned. There isn’t a central heating system in there now either. This makes demolition relatively straight forward as nothing needs to be kept. I was shocked at how quickly everything came down, literally 2 days and that’s it.

The wall that separated the existing master bedroom from the lounge was the first to be take down. This was was non-load bearing so the builders knocked it straight down. The new wall will be reinstated but will be positioned two feet in the bedroom. This will make the bedroom a little more narrow but as we’re also taking the wall that divides the second bedroom and master bedroom down there will still be plenty of space for a decent size room.

The wall that separates the lounge from the kitchen and the bathroom. This was taken down after RSJs and supports were put in place to support the loft above.

Above you can see the pictures with the wall intact and finally with the wall removed. What you can see in the last picture is the lounge area. The whole downstairs will be open plan, but the area above will the seating area for the lounge with the dining area and kitchen in the new extension. To see the latest progress have a look at

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