Please stick with me with this one as we are currently looking into the feasibility of a project following the death of a family member.

The property in question in an end terraced Victorian House in a conservation area that about 15 years ago was converted into two flats. The owner of the property which is under one deed as far as we know is the Aunty of my wife. There are no longer any occupants in the flats since my wife’s late grandmother (who lived in the ground floor flat) died last week.

Since her death the Aunty has discussed selling us the house in order for us to convert it back into one house and live in it as our family unit.

We are completely new to any sort of conversion project and I’m just querying the overall troubles that we may come across with the project. She is in the process of getting the property valued to see how much she will part with it for and I’m aware that the house would be worth less than two flats and believe she will take this into consideration.

Some questions we are coming across in the early research phases are:

1 – How easy would it be to transfer my current mortgage (considering the house values could be very similar) from my current house to the new property with the expectation of converting it into one house from the two flats.

2 – How difficult would it be to have the gas/electricity supplies returned to one property as opposed to the two flats and what sort of costs will this likely incur.

As you can rightly guess we are really inexperienced in this and don’t know where to begin or whether to just forget the idea and stick with what we have and look for something a little less confusing but I think that then we would have missed out on a great opportunity.


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