HI there,

I’m a little Self Builder attempting to build a Home for my Partner & 3 Children,

Being a New Build I have to comply to the New Code 3 Specifications,

No problem, whilst I’m working on a very very limited budget, doing most of the manual work myself, and have good friends who are Tradesmen to assist where needed for token fee’s, I can adequately meet the material needs required to satisfy Building Regs, SAPS & Air Tests etc

But ………………I now find having begun the Build, that I am to be charged £3,000 Plus ??? simply to obtain the Code 3 Certificate, to confirm it appears what I will already have Built to !!! ??? FFS

Whilst Government may have relaxed Planning Requirements/Rules etc to assist the Building Trade and Self Builders, why oh why are we now being Shackled by the Pen Pushers Sitting At Desks, who are in some instances I,m aware of, making potential Self Builders forget the whole thing and go back to Renting !!!???

As a comparison, the “Abbey Artstone” Conglomerate Facings, ie Heads, Sill’s, and Mullions etc are only costing £4225 inclusive of VAT at 20% (The VAT Element of which I can Re claim) and we are obtaining a tangible product to assist our Build,

But for £3000 Plus ?? as I see it, all we get is an unnecessary Certificate with a Rubber Stamp on it
and the issuers get a fat Cheque for sitting on their deskbound arse’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I implore you to prioritise this matter in your next issue,

We are being Milked far too much by the hangers on in this trade !!!!!!!!!

Yours faithfully,

Mr P, Graham

  • Mark Brinkley

    You have my sympathy. Complying with the Code for Sustainable Homes is something new we have had to face and it is very costly. Interestingly, it’s not a building regulation but a planning condition put in place by local councils – some insist, others don’t bother.

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