The architect Oscar Niemeyer, who has just died at the grand old age of 104, is justifiably best known for his brilliant realisation of modernism in grand settings – the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, being a case in point. Others quite rightly point to his role in the UN buildings in New York or the astonishing Museum of Modern Art on the bay in Rio.


Unfortunately, that goes to ignore his wonderful contribution to the tradition of modernist housing. So I’m voting for Canoas House, a 1950s classic in Rio that has everything a modernist home should have, complete with an integrated boulder….

  • Max Dibenedetto

    Have to say I’m a big fan of the MAC de Niteroi. I was fortunate enough to visit there a few years ago and it’s the kind of building that really sticks with you. Even though I’ve seen it for real it still looks a bit like it’s been photoshopped in on some pictures I’ve seen of it. An amazing bit of architecture.

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