we have submitted a contemporary 2 bedroom house design to our local authority. The application met all the standards for amenity space, parking, living and storage. Half the home is in a basement and across a courtyard is a home office. The notes submitted with the application suggested that this home office would aid the sustainsblility of the proposed dwelling as it could reduce the need to commute to work.
The local authority has responded and said that the proposal shows ingenuity and meets all the standards as a 2 bedroom 3 bedspace home.
But because the home office could potentially be used as a double bedroom this would increase the standard requirements for amenity space to 90 sqm, instead of 64, and would require 2-3 parking spaces instead of 1-2.
And as a result of this the application does not meet the stsndards.
Can they do that? Change the proposed use of a room? Couldn’t you argue that a dining room could potentially be a bedroom? Or a study? Utility room?
Would really appreciate some guidance on this!
Kind regards

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