I grew up in a small, sleepy village in Surrey. I have long since moved away but my now widowed father remains in the family home of over 30 years. Its a large, four bedroomed bungalow that he is rattling around in that would much better serve a family. He is at a point where he is now ready to leave this house but he doesn’t want to leave the village.

There is one old prefab concrete home left on what was once a council “estate” of ten large semi’s in the village. It’s crumbling, cold and too big for the elderly couple that live it in. They have their children and grandchildren in other houses on the street and do not wish to move but can’t maintain the home any longer.

In an ideal world we would apply to extend their old pre-fab in order to split it and rebuild as two smaller places. One for my dad, one for them. Both parties get to stay in the village and one family sized home is returned to the market for the benefit of others to enjoy.

The crux is that planning regulations do not allow you to extend in order to split a property. It’s a big no-no.

Even with the full approval and backing of the local parish council, does anybody know of any instances of when local housing needs are given great weight of consideration when deciding on planning applications?

Thank you for any advice you might have on this for me.

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